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I was raised in business. My parents had a jewelry store and from the time I could stand on a chair and ring the cash register, I was involved in the business. It was lucky that this opportunity came my way as it was a wonderful opportunity to learn what business was all about. As the years passed I was employed by a friend of the family in his electronics distribution business taking care of the Accounts Payable.

During college I was employed in a department store in the jewelry department and also womenís clothing. As I met my husband in college it was time to get a full time job and I found work with a candy and tobacco distributor. The company was small and the chance to learn many accounting skills presented themselves. I had a tremendous thirst to learn everything I could. I loved the bookkeeping machines there and I also learned to do billing on a small computer. The company purchased a more sophisticated IBM computer and I was on my way to computerized accounting! I loved every minute of this as I knew I was headed toward the 21st Century! 

In the early 1980s it was work in the accounting department of a film distribution company after I returned to college and took classes in Accounting theory. This was wonderful stepping stone to becoming a corporate controller for a company which manufactured printers for mini and micro-mini computer systems. It was time for a new adventure and I opened my own business selling executive gifts and promotional products which allowed me to meet some very interesting people and find items to help promote their businesses. After a time I made the decision to return to accounting and I took on a couple of clients, one in the packaging industry and another involved in incentive travel.
To sum it up, Iíve had experience in the following industries: Retail Jewelry, Retail Clothing Sales, Electronics Distribution, Candy and Tobacco Distribution, Film Distribution, Computer Peripherals  Manufacturing, Packaging Distribution, Medical Practice, Gifts and Promotional Products, & Incentive Travel.

My father who was a successful businessman gave me the following admonitions:
ďDonít spend more money than you makeĒ and ďDonít throw good money after badĒ. This was truly sage advice and I try to pass it on to my clients as I donít just take care of their books, I do my best to be of significant value to them.

Also, I have been on the Board of Directors for the following organizations,
Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce, Mid Valley Chamber of Commerce, The Foundation for Pierce College, & Encino Kiwanis. Iíve held the following positions:

President of Sales & Marketing Executives of Los Angeles, Vice President of Encino Kiwanis, Treasurer for the Foundation for Pierce College.
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